Dolphin and Whale Watching in Gran Canaria

Our philosophy and commitment to the marine environment

The sea is our passion, we live it intensely every day, we understand its importance and the need for its care.

Unfortunately, we see daily the harmful consequences of men on this environment and we always try to contribute what we can to preserve it.

Drifting nets, plastic bags, plastic rings that bind beverage cans, and a pile of other trash that often becomes a death trap for marine wildlife.

Often we manage to rescue turtles or birds, and then they are taken to the Wildlife Rescue Centre, where they are cared for until they can be returned to the sea as soon as their condition permits.

On other occasions we find dolphins or whales with problems and try to rescue them from the deadly traps. 

What can you do to help?

Throw the plastics in the appropriate containers and if you see a plastic bag on the ground do not leave it there, whether you are on the beach or in the mountains think that the wind will eventually take her to the sea.