Common dolphin (Delphinus delphis)

The common dolphin can be easily identified by its special colouring. As you can see in the photos, it shows a cross-shaped pattern on its sides, which clearly separates the yellowish colours from the different shades of grey. At present, two types of common dolphin are recognized and a third is discussed. The main difference is the length of the muzzle. It lives in warm and temperate zones of all oceans. Although they usually swim in very small family groups, sometimes large groups of thousands of people are gathered together.

Unfortunately, it is a species that has been severely damaged by tuna fishing, suffers a large number of catches every year and is affected by fishing for its own survival. In areas such as the Mediterranean, where his presence has been very frequent, its numbers have been dramatically reduced and are currently classified as endangered species. The common dolphin can weigh about 140 kg and has a size between 1.5 mts. And 2.5 mts.