Dolphin and Whale Watching in Gran Canaria

Our boat: The Spirit of the Sea

DOLPHIN & WHALE WATCHING is our passion and that's the reason we built her.

This catamaran, built based on our experience and driven by passion, was specially designed for this activity.

She has a large glass bottom in both keels with enough room for 15 people in each glass bottom (photo taken from the glass bottom).

If you have never seen dolphins or whales in their natural habitat before this can be a wonderful experience taking in the views of the south of Gran Canaria there are dolphins in the waters of Gran Canaria all year round and as the waters around the canaries are not heavily fished there is a great diversity of cetaceans and other sea creatures such as green turtles flying fish and the illusive whale.

Sometimes they are seen playing with their young, eating, swimming or even watching us. It's not just us watching, they can be very curious too.

Spirit of the Sea
Fondos de cristal. Glass bottom boat.